Grey Reef Fly Fishing Report Feb 2013

Your up to date Grey Reef Fly Fishing Report for Feb 26th 2013 direct from our guides. Andy Bruste had our friend and return client Steve Douglas out today. The ramps were pretty iffy with a 10 inch hard crust underneath of the new 4 or 5 inches of snow. So they wade fished the Grey Reef dam and had good luck. Caught fish on streamers and nymphs. We are taking 2 groups together tomorrow and we are going to float the Upper Grey Reef stretch. We might need to slide the boats down the ramp and possible pull the boats out with a rope to get through the drift. We have clients that have flown in to catch the monster trout this river is known for this time of year and were going to give her heck. But we would recommend using caution if you are planning a trip this week. Although the snow has made it difficult for trips, we are very thankful for the much needed snow!

If you ever have any questions about our Grey Reef Fly Fishing Report, any other section on the North Platte River, or any river in Wyoming for that fact, feel free to contact us! If we don’t have an answer we will put you in touch with someone who does! We will never put pressure on you to purchase from us. We are here to serve YOU with excellence! 307.267.0170 /

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