Winter Fly Fishing for Trout


Winter Fly Fishing Discounted Rates: November through Mrach

The Winter Fly Fishing on the Grey Reef has been a well kept secret. Everyone comes from spring through fall, not realizing that there is truly amazing winter trout fly fishing the rest of the year. The Grey Reef is one of the only places you can fish trout year round. Put on your stocking and get ready to catch some huge trout on the fly in the winter months! You won’t have to worry about the crowds you might see the rest of the year, and you can take advantage of the great pricing.

The Brown’s get real aggressive in November and start chasing streamers. This is the time of year when the guides are out fishing themselves, trying to tie into a 10 pounder. Don’t worry, you don’t have to book way in advance. Watch the 7 to 10 day weather forecast, or better yet we will watch it for you. When we see we are going to have a nice winter day to go fishing, we will give you a call to set it up. Come give it a try, you might be pleasantly surprised!


Winter Fly Fishing-Full Day

1 or 2 Anglers

Lunch Included


Winter Fly Fishing-1/2 Day

1 or 2 Anglers

No Lunch Included – ($20 Optional Luch for 2)