Back Us Up

The 50% Cancellation Fee and/or an Equipment Deposit is applicable to every and all services and Equipment that we offer with the exception of our Tubes.

The Equipment Deposit ensures that when and if you rent equipment from us and return it damaged, you, the Client, will financially assist in the repair or replacement of the damaged equipment by paying for any and all damages incurred.

50% Cancellation Fee Q&A:

Why? It takes a lot of time and work for a Wyoming fishing guide or wyoming rafting guide trip – this deposit ensures that upon trip cancellation they don’t go home empty handed. Secondly, rentals are on high demand. If you have scheduled to rent any of our equipment for a particular slot of time and back out without sufficient warning we are unable to rent it out to another party for that period of time.


How? When we schedule a trip or rental time with you we will ask for a valid and current CC #(or any other form of payment must be given to us at one of our locations) in order to ensure that if you cancel within the taboo period of time we are able to compensate for lost time or business.


When? Within 2 weeks is the taboo time. Two weeks gives us sufficient time to find new renters and avoid Wyoming fishing or rafting Guide under-booking. Concering deposits, we understand not everyone feels comfortable using credit cards; however a deposit of some sort is required. There are several options: 1) Drop off the deposit amount in cash at our office (an appointment is necessary). 2) Mail a check or money order. The check or money order must be received within seven business days. If a customer commits to following up with with their credit card information they must do so on their own initiative within several days. If we have not received some form of deposit we are under no obligation to hold a reservation. In the situation that a rental agreement is made some time in advance (i.e. three to four weeks or more) we are under no obligation to hold a rental if we are not contacted with the necessary deposit money/credit card information. Please be mindful that as a business we can never know for sure who will eventually pay and who won’t and must consider the needs of other paying customers.


What if? the weather threatens to make my trip unenjoyable or impossible? We are reasonable folks and wouldn’t imagine forcing you into a trip that will be unpleasant. Let us know your concerns as soon as they become apparent to you, please don’t wait until the last minute. What if I have an emergency? Once again, if you give us the benefit of communication then we will be able and willing to work with you – don’t avoid calling us or we will take the required deposit for non-communicated cancellation.


Can I? simply reschedule without deposit penalties? If you are outside of the 2 week grace period or immediately prepared to reschedule and you have given us reasonable time to reschedule, yes. Please do not abuse this privilege and use it multiple times…it will incur charges after the first use.


Will We? charge my card even if I didn’t cancel? If it was not the same card used for the rental or trip, absolutely not. Charges will only be incurred upon unreasonable cancellation by the Client.


No Call, No show? If you haven’t called us in advance and you don’t show up the day of the reservation, you will be charged the full price of the trip or rental.