Miracle Mile

miracle mile fishing

The Miracle Mile in wyoming is an incredible blue ribbon trout fishery. This stretch is approximately 7 miles in length. It has a lot more rock and structure than the Grey Reef. The water has a lot of definition, with a lot of readable seams. The nymph fishing here is usually excellent. It has an incredible stone fly hatch in July which allows for fishing big dries on the surface. And if your looking to tie into a 5lb plus brown, streamer fishing in the late fall is the way to go. You can almost always tie into to a fish over 21 inches though. There is no dam between Pathfinder and the Mile, so those big fish move upstream out of the Reservoir. When Miracle Mile fishing, you can plan to catch a mix of rainbows and browns.

Miracle Mile fishing & camping trips:

In 2011 we had a trial run of hosting Miracle Mile fishing/camping trips. We set up and tear down camp, cook you meals, and guide you every day. During your day of Miracle Mile fishing, you have a combination of wading and fishing out of a drift boat. We usually guide our fishing trips from drift boats, but when the water is high we use rafts with fishing frames. This allows us to fish the beautiful Miracle mile Canyon. There are a lot of excellent areas we access from our boat, then wade fish. We might wade 2 or 3 spots in the morning. Often we pull our boats out at camp and eat a hearty lunch. Then we generally finish our day fishing from the boat. After your day of fishing, we bring you a short 10 min. drive back to camp. Here you can sit around the camp fire with a glass of wine exchanging fishing stories with your friends, or wade fishing while your cook prepares your evening meal. Book this trip now, as we only accept a limited number of reservations for this trip!

Miracle Mile Fishing Full Day

1 or 2 Anglers

$450.00 per day

Flies, rods, & tippet included

Lunch included

Miracle Mile Fishing 1/2 day

1 or 2 Anglers
$350 per day
Flies, rods, & tippet included
Lunch isn’t included

$20 Optional Lunch for 2

Miracle Mile Fishing & Camping Combo

$525 per angler based on double occupancy

Flies, rods, tippet, all meals, camping gear, & all transportation

Book now-Limited #of reservations accepted