The Platte River Fishing Report – Grey Reef, Miracle MIle, & Fremont Canyon

Big Brow Trout over 5lbs DAILY for over 5 days-Yesterday 1 guest landed a 24 and 25 inch on his 1st day fly fishing!
We apologize for not keeing our Platte River Fishing Report up to date. We have been slammed this year! The Grey Reef and the Miracle Mile have been fabulous! In fact more than just having 50+ fish days on the Grey Reef with many fish from the 17 to 20 inch range nymphing, we have been landing fish over 5lbs for the past 5 consecutive days without hunting them on streamers. Congrats to John for landing a 24 and 25 inch Brown on his first day with a fly rod in his hand! We have also had great dry fly fishing and streamer fishing.

Nymphs-Pinesquirrel leeches in Brown, Orange, and natural-Blue Wing Olive nymphs-Midges-
Streamers-articulated goldies, white and olive patterns
Dries-Parachute Adams and other BWo patterns

Your Platte River Fishing Report

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