Grey Reef Fishing Guide tip information:

When booking a Grey Reef fishing guide IT IS OK to ask question’s to ensure you are getting a quality guide! Have you ever booked with a big outfitter and been the 10th boat out with an inexperienced guide that kept you away from other boats that were pounding fish to blame the slow fishing on the day? If you haven’t great, and if you have, you know how frustrating it is to go to all the work of planning a vacation on a world class fishery, all to get stuck with a guide who barely knows what he is doing. We all know it takes a lot of pre training and hours on each stretch to learn the river. And we understand that every guide has to start somewhere, but if your getting a young guide, has he been throughly trained in order to make your day a success?

Whatever outfitter you choose, we encourage you to call or email with questions on your Grey Reef fishing guide. We know the risk you take when you are booking online with someone you have never fished on an unknown water.

At Raftn n’ Reel, we will never send you out with a guide that hasn’t been hand picked and chosen for his personality, and his ability to work hard and put you on a lot of fish. We put our fishing guides through an extensive training program with many days on the water, before they are ever trusted with our guest’s! You won’t find many fly fishing guides who are as knowledgable, friendly, and patient as the guides with Raft n’ Reel. With a decade of experience and more than 175 days on the water every year, not many know the Miracle Mile, Saratoga, & Grey Reef fishing stretches more than our guides!

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How to tip your Grey Reef Fly Fishing & Rafting Guides to keep them afloat!

Keep in mind that a large portion of your Grey Reef fly fishing or rafting Guides income comes from YOUR tips!

For Rafting Guides we suggest tipping $5.00 to $20.00 per person.

For Grey Reef Fly Fishing Guides we suggest tipping $40 to $50 for a 1/2 day & $80 to $100 for a full day.

Most of our friends and guests allready do a wonderful job at tipping! This topic is primarily covered for our guests who are unfamiliar with fly fishing guide tips, the work behind a trip, and those asking what a typical tip for a Grey Reef Fly Fishing guide or rafting guide is. Our guides work hard, and we want to do our part in making sure they are taken care of by creating an awareness.

Our fishing guides love to work hard and make sure that you have the BEST experience fishing you could possible have. They are chosen for their motivation to work hard, read water, and give our clients the BEST. Rain or shine, wind or snow, they will work hard to make sure that you are lost in trout bliss. They do all the work from start to finish. They will rig your rods, fix tangles, net fish, back row runs, all with a smile.

In a normal day on the river your Grey Reef fly fishing guide will put in an extra 2 hrs minimum on top of your 4 or 8 hrs on the water. So for instance, if you do a full day of Miracle Mile, Saratoga, or Grey Reef fly fishing, our guides have you on the water for a minumum of 8hrs. This does not include setting up rods or driving time. So from when your guide leaves his house to when he gets home, he has spent a minumum of 10 or 11 hrs away from home. Then when he goes home he spends 30 minutes washing his boat out. Also the guide provides his own vehicle, gas, boat, rods, and flies. So if 10 flies are lost through out the course of the trip, your tip helps him recover those costs. A guide typically pays $1.25 for small flies such midges, bwo’s, rock worms, or sanwons. Bigger Flies such as crayfish, hoppers, stoneflies, or streamers start at $1.75. Some guides have a family and don’t have a lot of time to tie flies after they have spent 11hrs working, so they purchase them. Our guides love doing all of this!

Now having said all of this, a tip is based on your guides willingness to work hard, so tip him accordingly. Thanks and we look forward to serving you with the BEST guides in the near future!


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